Our first game changer post: Nothing too serious, just your child’s future prosperity.


You are bombarded by it every day in all the trusted media that you read. The bubble, the ‘white hot’ real estate market and the unproven theory that someday, the bubble will burst. Ask yourself one simple question. Will real estate in Toronto be more or less expensive in 20 years? If you think it will be more expensive, then now is the time to buy a condo for your kids.

Investing in both a Tridel condo and 33seven permanent life insurance for your child now is a winning combination that can solidify their financial future.

RelativeGrowth is Canada’s first property and permanent life insurance package, proudly pioneered by Tridel and 33seven. When you simultaneously invest in a Tridel condo and 33seven permanent life insurance solutions, you reap the rewards of tax-advantaged savings today, while cultivating future wealth to protect your legacy. In our innovative plan, inter-generational wealth transfer is never left to chance.

Buy your child a Tridel condo

Buying a condo for your child gives them a massive head start in life. Think about it. Our city is booming with 80,000 new Canadians settling in Toronto each year. Every day there are new renters coming to the city seeking long-term rental units. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity for investment in your family’s future.

Purchasing a condo for your child effectively transfers wealth from you to your child in a tax efficient manner while simultaneously investing in their future. As your child grows up, someone else (a qualified renter) is paying the mortgage on his or her condo. Once your child takes possession, the condo can be used:

  • As your child’s mortgage-free and rent-free first home.
  • As an asset to sell to start a business or pay off student debt.
  • As a line of credit to borrow against while still maintaining ownership.

You can afford to buy a condo today. I highly doubt your kids will be able to say the same thing in 20 or 30 years.   

Give your child a head start with a pool of tax-free capital with 33seven

Traditionally, the only people that wanted to buy permanent life insurance were those that didn’t qualify. For those that did qualify, permanent life insurance was viewed as a cost.

Let’s outsmart tradition together.

The average Canadian waits until they are 43 to purchase permanent life insurance. This is a spectacular mistake. Permanent life insurance uses the law of compounding to generate tax-free returns over time. If you buy permanent life insurance for a 2-year-old, you have 41 years more compounding available. Why would you throw away 41 years of compounded interest on such a high ticket purchase? Don’t you wish your parents bought you a tax-free compounding asset when you were 2? How much further ahead in life would you be today if they had done that for you?

If purchased for your child when he or she is still young, 33seven permanent life insurance creates a safety net of tax-free funds for them and their future children. You will benefit from your child’s low-risk upfront costs and the long-term appreciated value of their policy.

With access to the cash equity built up in the policy, your child can:

  • Buy a rental unit from Tridel.
  • Start a business or pay off student debt.
  • Use the policy as a line of credit.

Permanent life insurance is part of setting up your kids for life. Buy it when they are young.

The combination of purchasing both a Tridel condo and 33seven permanent life insurance will ensure that your child has an amazing foundation for a successful and prosperous future.

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Derryn Shrosbree

Derryn earned his Masters degree in Economics from The London School of Economics and has a distinguished international career that ranges from Tokyo to New York City.

He has developed a particular approach to wealth creation that is based on his unique gift of simplifying complex mathematical strategies. 

Derryn’s foresight and commitment to the growth of the insurance industry is what drives him to be surrounded by a team of diverse and innovative specialists. This is where creative, solutions-based ideas are born, discussed and executed.

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