Be prepared to smile: The digital dentistry evolution is a bright new era of high-tech solutions

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When you leave your dentist’s chair, do you want to be smiling, or grumbling about what a terrible experience the whole process was and dreading the next time you’ll need to be in that chair? I’m guessing you’d rather be smiling. Who wouldn’t? Especially since most of us count going to the dentist as one of our least favourite things to do. 

Dr. Bobby Chagger, a leading Canadian digital dentist, is turning dental treatment philosophy on its head with the statement “my patients have better things to do with their time.” That is, he wants his patients to visit less often.

Who has ever heard of a dentist who wants to see patients less often?

Digital dentistry creates ‘value generation’ 

He can say that because, in his practices, he uses new digital dentistry techniques to diagnose, create treatment plans and perform clinical procedures — meaning, for example, that a clinical procedure that may have taken two, maybe even three repeat visits to complete using analogue tools and techniques, can now be accomplished better and faster. And the patient can walk out of the office — often after just one visit — smiling. 

With clinical procedure time cut down drastically, his practices can turn their focus to building up the prevention and patient hygiene side of the practice. Because when it comes to it, most patients don’t mind going for regular cleanings — and some even quite like it — it’s the clinical treatment they dread. 

And finally, with the clinical procedure side of his practices streamlined and the hygiene side going strong, he can now focus on more sophisticated digital dentistry and clinical solutions, such as Invisalign and implantology. 

What these leading-edge technologies have done is create ‘value generation’ in his practices by allowing him to be more accurate with diagnoses, more precise with treatments and eliminate wasted time and money. 

Value generation is, of course, a fancy code word. For the patients, it means “win-win” because they visit less often, experience less pain from the procedures and are overall happier with their dentist, all of which builds loyalty. 

Its meaning for digital dentists, like Dr. Bobby Chagger, is simple. It means “fosters growth of the practice.”

Join Dr. Bobby Chagger in his journey to advance this exciting transformation

Dr. Bobby Chagger, a leading Canadian digital dentist, trains and mentors bright, young dentists to be
frontrunners in this innovative movement while simultaneously building a portfolio of existing forward-thinking practices to improve efficiency, increase profitability and heighten economies of scale. 

Put them together and you’re joining a progressive venture for a prosperous future. As an advising partner, 33seven fosters and nurtures the key strategic relationships that strengthen this exceptional opportunity. 

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