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A progressive solution for a prosperous future

Opportunities abound in the health care sector as the pace of innovation accelerates at an unprecedented rate.  Where it is most evident is the dental industry as progressive dentists forgo traditional techniques in favour of an array of leading edge digital dentistry treatment solutions through the utilization of digital equipment and technology.

By joining Dr. Bobby Chagger, a leading Canadian digital dentist, in his journey to advance this
exciting transformation, you are cultivating a market sector with exceptional potential for growth.

Digital Dentistry

The future is digital dentistry

The digital dentistry evolution is a bright new era of high-tech solutions that improves efficiency and allows for an extremely streamlined process. Leading-edge technologies provide more accurate diagnoses, more precise treatments and eliminate wasted time and money. These revolutionary new dental models are the future of dentistry.


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Their opportunity is your prosperity

Dr. Bobby Chagger trains and mentors bright, young dentists to be frontrunners in this innovative and prosperous future while simultaneously building a portfolio of existing forward-thinking practices to improve efficiency, increase profitability and heighten economies of scale. 

Put them together and you’re joining a progressive venture for a prosperous future. As an advising partner, 33seven fosters and nurtures the key strategic relationships that strengthen this exceptional opportunity.



Dr. Bobby Chagger
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