Life is full of surprises.
Your child’s future prosperity shouldn’t be.

When you simultaneously invest in Tridel and 33seven solutions, you enjoy the benefits of tax-advantaged savings in the here-and-now whilst cultivating future wealth to ensure your child’s success isn’t left to chance.

Individually, each product is a purposeful commitment to your child’s financial future.
Together, they represent a lasting gift that opens up a world of unlimited possibilities for your children.

Tridel Property
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Your success is their opportunity.

In partnership with Tridel, Canada’s leading builder of condominium homes, purchasing a condo for your child has little to do with immediate residential plans and more to do with providing your children with a head-start that will extend far beyond your initial investment. Acquiring a Tridel condo will provide you with a high-quality residence that is built to last and a unique, stable investment that will continually prove the extraordinary value of ownership over the years.      


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Pay your prosperity forward.

Investing in assured assets while your children are young has many benefits that extend far beyond lifelong coverage. By transferring your wealth from yourself (a highly taxed jurisdiction) to your child (a significantly lower taxed jurisdiction), you can combine the immediate benefit of lifetime protection and tax-advantaged savings with dividend earning potential and long term affordability. An initial investment during your child’s early years will grow into an extremely profitable safety net for your children’s future success.



Your simultaneous investment in assured assets and Toronto’s condo market is a high performing strategy that has historically outperformed traditional investment models.

Tridel and 33seven do not guarantee returns. Graph is an estimate and for illustration purposes only.

Tridel and 33seven do not guarantee returns.
Graph is an estimate and for illustration purposes only.