The new “tax fairness” plan for business owners will end income splitting between family members,
penalize investing in passive assets earned inside a corporation and convert a corporation’s ordinary income into tax-preferred capital gains. 

All of your hard-earned money will be taken away. 

The Fair Market Value of your business upon death could be hit with a tax of more than 70%.

How about paying nothing instead?


Life insurance becomes your greatest tax deferral strategy

An investment in permanent life insurance combines the immediate benefit of lifetime protection and tax-advantaged savings with dividend earnings potential. 

Investing in a creatively structured cash value life insurance policy means you’ll make both dividends and profits all the while sheltering your money from this so-called tax-fairness plan.


Protecting your family while cultivating your future prosperity. 

Avoid the taxman. Shelters your cash and investment growth from both tax and future tax. 

Cultivate future wealth. Creates a corporately owned, tax-free retirement vehicle with greater benefits than a traditional RRSP. 

Enhance yield. Provides tax-free access to your own money to self-finance your own business as you grow. 

Transform your legacy. Ensures that the dividend tax on death is covered through the proceeds of the policy and the existing Capital Dividend Account (CDA).



No other financial instrument exists in Canada that can provide this level of estate protection from the taxman.

Graph is an estimate and for illustration purposes only.

Graph is an estimate and for illustration purposes only.

Taxman Illustration