• Beyond outlining the ‘why’ for his insurance and wealth solutions, he has a great ability to break down the products into a simple conversation. In addition, Derryn is great connector of like-minded people which creates great value for his contacts well beyond his immediate interest.
    — Ben Gibbons, Partner, Collins Barrow Chartered Professional Accountants
  • 33seven did a great job of explaining how to leverage tax efficient structures to preserve and grow wealth. Their level of knowledge, service and customer care is impeccable.
    — Hitesh Rathod, Owner, NexusCrowd
  • My CPA firm, HS + Partners, and I have worked with Derryn and his team at 33Seven for 2 years. Their creative use of life insurance for both estate planning needs and tax planning has provided great value to both my family and the clients we have referred to him. I am also impressed with his ability to find and due diligence investment products that appeal in these challenging market conditions. What impresses me most is that Derryn and his team do not just “sell” - they collect and review facts and then “advise” on the best strategy for their clients. Being a CPA, this really impresses me. I highly recommend him and his team.
    — Louis Sapi, Founder/Owner, H&S Partners LLP Chartered Professional Accountants
  • Derryn and his team have been a thorough asset in helping me with my personal insurances. Derryn has always been welcoming and has been very professional with me from start to finish with the process. 33 Seven has mapped out and explained a strategic plan for helping me invest in my family's future through insurance products. I recommend 33 Seven for their valued service and expertise in the insurance industry.
    — Mark Morris, Founder/Owner, MM Group
  • From my perspective, 33Seven is a focused insurance boutique offering tailored solutions that meet the needs of specific affluent clients. They are great referral partners in the business and bring a high level of customer service to their clients. I have enjoyed working with and getting to know Derryn and his team and consider them a true partner in the industry. From their collaborative approach to their unique experiential networking they bring a passionate approach to building client relationships.
    — Kelly Burke, Business Development: Private Equity and Capital Management
  • It truly has been a pleasure working with 33seven. You are your team are true professionals who can be relied on to deliver from start to end. The comprehensive knowledge you have on all aspects of wealth management and how you relay this knowledge to your clients is remarkable. Your communication, diligence, management skills and professionalism never goes unnoticed. Thank you for all your guidance and assistance and we look forward to continue working with you.
    — Daniel Seca, Owner, Dreamworld Event Planning Inc.
  • The guest experience at 33seven is wonderful. What they say they will do, they do. When they say things will get done, it gets done. You are kept informed through the entire process. You are introduced to valuable networks. Add to that the technical expertise around wealth preservation and growth, and I am a happy client.
    — Harpaul Anand, Dentist, Dr. Harpaul Singh Anand & Associates
  • 33seven is the best kept secret in Toronto to help the affluent preserve and propel their wealth. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone with the complex needs facing professionals, and owner/operators to go to them for help. He looks at your finances in a wholistic balanced way to help you reduce financial risk personally and in your business but helping you grow your wealth. Derryn is one of the smartest people I know.
    — Monica Goyal, Corporate Lawyer